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Re: Last Weekend

	I was curious about what happened to Joe at the strip
last weekend, so I wrote and asked.  This was his reply...I
thought it would be of interest to all, so I asked him if I
could send it to the list (he was OK with it ;-)).  I'm trying
to get him to resubscribe and post such things himself...

joseph edward morgan wrote:
> On Tue, 9 Sep 1997, Carl Morris wrote:
> > Hey,
> >       Dave told the list you made some money last weekend
> > at the strip ;-).  What kind of an event was it?  Who'd you
> > beat?
> > --
> It was another import event...the PIRA "Fall Challenge".  I made the
> "Quick 8" class (#3), then they added Adam ('93 RX-7 from Turbo mag...)
> who was running exhibition, so I was #4...
> First round I raced some VW buggy with oxide (qualified #8 at 11.22), beat
> him and got to race some Skyline GTR they brought over from Japan...he ran
> a 10.35 at 130 something on 17" radials (AWD).  Yowie -- I was with him
> until 1/2 track, then he was long gone. :)
> He went on to race Adam in the final and lost with a 10.98 to Adam's 10.50
> something.  If he'd have run the .98 the round earlier...oh well...:)
> Considering the conditions, I was pretty happy.  It was running about as
> good as it has ever run, at an import race with FWD guys there. They
> usually cost me at least 1-2 tenths on my ET, just from the water on the
> line.  It would have been in the tens all day on a cooler day with a few
> more RWD guys to dry the track off a little.
> The best I got all weekend was 1.58 (once, before the track was completely
> trashed)...the rest were mid-high 1.6's. My average 60 ft. at Pomona is
> about 1.52-1.54 on the slicks -- given about a 2 (or 3) to 1 relation of
> 60 ft to ET (1 tenth 60 ft.= 2-3 tenths ET), I can't wait to go back on a
> "regular" day.