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Air Conditioning Compressor

Okay, guys...

So I'm getting more convinced of doing the R-134 conversion -- I've
seen them at Pep Boys and J.C. Whitney for about $30. Nipple converters to
fit the new-style charging hoses, oil, etc. I just hadn't heard of anyone
installing one. But it seems to make sense for me to do -- especially since
I have
a brand new accumulator in the box -- all of my R-12 went bye-bye when one
of the compressor hoses blew a couple years ago and in reality it seems
that I'd have to start selling blood to afford the R-12, even though I
could get it reasonably cheap through "connections." Of course, that
doesn't mean that when I need a recharge 3 years from now I'll have the
same "connections." Oh, and I guess the environment matters, too.

I was recommended by Neil Chirico to re-seal all the o-rings and garter
springs -- Ford sells a universal service kit for about $40 that's enough
to do several cars -- Dave Compton -- that's what you need! You'll need to
buy a universal tool to break all the old connections -- Pep Boys has one
by K-D I think -- it flips to make 4 sizes for most fuel and A/C connections. 

So all you guys, when your systems blow, re-do all your seals so they are

Ford also has some clips so they will less likely blow off--part number to

Now to the other part of my question ... a local guy here -- actually two
guys -- that has an '84 says they don't make the HR-980 compressor any more
and his siezed and he's not sure what to do. Any suggestions on what to do,
or what to expect price-wise?


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