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Re: Alternators

In a message dated 97-09-10 15:14:47 EDT, Steve.Leiding@EC.GC.CA
(Leiding,Steve [Wpg]) writes:

<< Typical.  I've got a generic alternator on mine.  With the underdrive
 pulley, there's
 no way it comes close to keeping the battery charged.  >>

 I have the same problem with my generic alt. too.  BTW I am running the
Esslinger pulley.  Umm, Dave so you say your alternators are rated 76 amps
and how much are you selling them for?  Any 100 amps available?  I called Pep
Boys and for a 100 amp they want $99 - does anyone have anything good/bad to
say about their alternators?  I think this generic amp is fucking with my
fuel pump, hence sometimes  bucking and having shitty performance.  Sound
right to you guys?