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Re: Corky Bell's Book[2]

All of that is terriffic stuff.  And not far from what alot of people have
been saying to us, as long as you haven't been buying MM&FF, and listening
to print ads.  And it's all correct, if we'd been listening.

Consider the purchase of a big turbo and a decent intercooler as your first
priorities when you need to make big power.  Then be ready to feed it
enough fuel.

The rods are not weak.  The bolts are, and then only when the motor is spun
high alot.  Like most of us don't do.  No kidding, go watch the mini stock
racers run their pinto N/A 2300s to 7500 all night long.  Now that's tuff
on em, but they still don't break much for those guys.

IMHO, I don't think there's anybody here who HAS to go in their shortblock.