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RE: Dash Installs

Jeff wrote:
>I have an 85 SVO and would like to try and put the 87-93 dash and console
In my humble opinion...this would be a mistake. I think the SVO dash is more 
attractive and a timeless piece. Too much plastic on the newer stuff. Also 
this is a good way to decrease the value of the car.
Anyway, that aside...to start with you need to weld tabs under the windshield 
to hold the dash up and give it something to screw to. There are many people 
that have adapted the new style dash to 86 and earlier 'stangs, I even saw a 
guy put one into a LTD jr. ( hey - it's all FOX body stuff!) There is quite a 
bit of wiring involved, so you should be qualified to do the job right...or 
you'll have problems.