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Last Night at Bandimere

	It was a great night at the track last night, one
of those like I only get about once a year.  The weather
was reasonable cool, and the humidity was low.  I had
brand new NGKs in the SVO, a few gallons of unleaded race
gas, and the knock sensor disconnected as suggested by
Joe Morgan.
	My first couple of runs were low-mid 15's (as
expected, it was still 80+ degrees).  As the night cooled,
I turned up the boost a little more than usual, and ended
up running a 14.885@93.2mph.  The altitude correction
factors for turbo motors put this at 13.98@98.2mph.  For
comparison purposes, I watched a guy in a brand new Z28 SS
run several times, and he never did better than 15.0@94.
So, his power to weight ratio was just *slightly* better
than mine.

This is a 4mph increase over two weeks ago.  Comparing to
results from other nights, it would appear that about 1/3 
of the improvement was due to the weather, and 2/3 was due
to the knock sensor disconnect.  Anyway, my goal for the
year has been reached, to run 14s at this elevation with
an 85 SVO that's stock between the air meter and turbo
exhaust outlet except for crank pulley, cam pulley, and
boost pressure (on street tires).  

Now it's time for the Engle cam install...