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86 SVO project

Hello everyone,

Some of us 2.3L Turbo Guys (Carl Morris, Rich Stark) went the Bandimere
last night to test.  The others can share their glory on the successful
night and I will share mine.

Last time up at the track my modifications to the car were the TurboCoupe
intercooler, 17psi, K&N cone, sticky tires and stock exhaust with plugged
up cat and my best run with all of that was a 15.0@89 but I was having
alternator problems.

Last night I went to the track with all of the above modifications except I
have pulled of the exhaust and was only running a 3" downpipe from Corral.
The result was a best 14.52@93.7 with a 2.14 60' and the slowest I went was
a 14.66@92.  I am really afraid to heat the tires anymore than that in fear
of breaking something,  I live 90 miles from the track. 

I still am having ignition problems and am wondering if the MSD 6A is the
way to go or should I look into the Jacobs stuff.  Any comments on that
would be appreciated. 

Thanks to Carl for the ear plugs fro the drive home.  I got home at
Midnight to find that UPS had delivered my new ATR exhaust!  More work
ahead including a ported exhaust manifold (with non leaking turbo) and the
FMS A237 cam kit (which was donated on my spare engine, Thanks Tom at All

Until then.....


Chris Roth @ work....shhhh don't tell my boss 
85 SVO (Bright Red)
86 SVO (Silver Metallic)