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Re: 86 SVO project

>have pulled of the exhaust and was only running a 3" downpipe from Corral.
>The result was a best 14.52@93.7 with a 2.14 60' and the slowest I went was
>a 14.66@92.  

Hey that is pretty cool.  I can't believe that you went down to the track
without the new exaust, but I am not supprised.  14.5 is awful damn quick,
just think in time you will probably be quicker than the 5.0.  Hey buddy,
just so you know, John is picking up the tires today, but if you have
already checked your messages you will have known that. I hope you and
Heather have a safe and fun trip to Durango.  Also, don't worry about Kiwi,
I will come play with him every day.  Love you both