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Re: 86 SVO project

If  you reall want a MSD get the 6BTM. It's made for Turbo, Blown, and
Supercharged cars. If not get the Crane HI-6 it's the GOODS!!!!!!!!!!! You
can adjust fuel,timing, and spark from the cockpit.

>Hello everyone,
>Some of us 2.3L Turbo Guys (Carl Morris, Rich Stark) went the Bandimere
>last night to test.  The others can share their glory on the successful
>night and I will share mine.
>Last time up at the track my modifications to the car were the TurboCoupe
>intercooler, 17psi, K&N cone, sticky tires and stock exhaust with plugged
>up cat and my best run with all of that was a 15.0@89 but I was having
>alternator problems.
>Last night I went to the track with all of the above modifications except I
>have pulled of the exhaust and was only running a 3" downpipe from Corral.
>The result was a best 14.52@93.7 with a 2.14 60' and the slowest I went was
>a 14.66@92.  I am really afraid to heat the tires anymore than that in fear
>of breaking something,  I live 90 miles from the track.
>I still am having ignition problems and am wondering if the MSD 6A is the
>way to go or should I look into the Jacobs stuff.  Any comments on that
>would be appreciated.
>Thanks to Carl for the ear plugs fro the drive home.  I got home at
>Midnight to find that UPS had delivered my new ATR exhaust!  More work
>ahead including a ported exhaust manifold (with non leaking turbo) and the
>FMS A237 cam kit (which was donated on my spare engine, Thanks Tom at All
>Until then.....
>Chris Roth @ work....shhhh don't tell my boss
>85 SVO (Bright Red)
>86 SVO (Silver Metallic)

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