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Re: 86 SVO project

Chris Roth wrote:

> Last night I went to the track with all of the above modifications except I
> have pulled of the exhaust and was only running a 3" downpipe from Corral.
> The result was a best 14.52@93.7 with a 2.14 60' and the slowest I went was
> a 14.66@92.  I am really afraid to heat the tires anymore than that in fear
> of breaking something,  I live 90 miles from the track.

I just wanted to add my $0.02 and say that Chris' 86 really kicked some
butt last night.  I couldn't believe how much he picked up running a
straight pipe exhaust (4+ mph!).  The 86 turbo and cam, plus the
stock flywheel and sticky tires are a really good combination at the
strip for near-stock performance.  His time corrects to a 13.66@98.95!

Rich also made some big gains on his Tbird that I'm hoping he'll
tell you all about.  We broke him in pretty good ;-).