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Re: 86 SVO project

On Sep 11, 10:03, Chris Roth wrote:
> Subject: Re: 86 SVO project
> Gary,
> Of course I opened the exhaust and even considered putting it on the car
> last night.  So far from what I can tell the quality looks OK, but I will
> let you know when I install it tonight.  As for the header... is 22 hp
> worth $600?  I have also heard that you need to insulate the header to keep
> it from cooking your plug wires.  I think the header will do what it
> claims, but it seems like a lot of work for me to only gain 22hp on my
> STREET car, in my opinion.

Depends on your point of view. I've seen folks spend several thousand $ on
Taurus SHO motors to get 25 HP.

I'm giving some thought to running the SVO in the 2WD Rally class in next
year's Pikes Peak hill climb, and I'd like to push up the output some. A header
and decent exhaust would help, but first I need to see what I can do

> >Were you going to Bandimere on Sept 20 for the Street Legal drags?
> I will be at the Street Legal Drags for continuing testing of the 86.   I
> am trying to get my wife to run her 85 SVO, but she is still afraid of
> stalling the car at the start line.

Do you have a schedule for the Street Legal Drags? I'd like to go up, but I
don't when to be there, etc.


Gary M.