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Re: Broke in real good!

Carl wrote:
Rich also made some big gains on his T-Bird that i'm hoping he'll tellyou
about. We broke him in pretty good!

To start my T-C is completely stock with 68K miles on it. I started off the
night by making three runs to get use to the way the car feels, I found that
I needed to leave at 5000 RPMs to keep it from bogging. Best run of 17.29 @
78 MPH. Then Carl (rubbing his hands together and grinning) says "Well do you
want to leave it alone OR do you want to make it go faster?" I said "Sure,
why not!" Then with the help of Chris Roth he proceeded to dig in while I
took of the air filter assembly. Looking at the vaccum lines (there a little
different than there SVOs) we removed the line to the waste gate to see what
would happen. Next run, I did my normal launch and holley s--t the car stood
up and blew the tires off so bad that my 60 ft time dropped 3 tenths of a
second, then after hitting second gear all hell broke loose (DETENATION!) I
looked down and 17 psi, WHOOO! so I backed off the trottle and still ran a
16.92 @ 81 MPH. Back to the pits, how do you restrict vaccum to the waste
gate without a valve? Well a little brainstorming and a hose clamp on the
vaccum line tight enough to restrict it and "Wella" 14 PSI first try. Put
four gallons of leaded race fuel ( I guess I wanted to replace that cat and
oxygen sensor anyway, dumb! the 17 PSI run had me silly) in the tank and bam!
best run of 16.22 @ 83.38 MPH. WOW I'm hooked! Honey, I don't feel real good
so I guess I can't make it to the concert Saturday, oh yeah Bandimeres open,
hopes she doesn't find out.

Rich "Dropping the clutch at 5000 RPM is COOOOOL" Stark

P.S. Wheres the check book? Honey I think the exhaust needs to be