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Re: Clutch

Ron Myrick wrote:
> My clutch is beginning to slip under hard acceleration. I've heard to stick
> with the Motorsport unit, but before I replace it, how can I adjust the clutch
> to extent the last of its life? I've never done this before. Also, shop manual
> in hand, what kind of undertaking is replacing a clutch on an SVO?

With the stock adjuster assembly, you can't really adjust your clutch.
As long as it's working properly, it does a reasonable job, though.
Doing it yourself isn't too tough.  The shift handle is easy to get
off, the bell housing bolts aren't easy but they aren't THAT hard,
and pulling the driveshaft is a simple procedure.  That's about
all there is except for just unhooking the clutch and speedo
cables, putting a jack under it, and sliding it out...

I'd say have a friend around and budget a weekend for it the first time.