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Re: Spark Plugs

I posted my original not about the TorqueMaster plugs because that's what
Mike Abby swears by.  He's running in the 10's.  I would guess that he's
done a lot more R&D than all of us combined.

> From: Garcia, Jesus V <Jesus_Garcia@dscc.dla.mil>
> To: Mustang SVO Mailing List <SVO@SmartWorx.com>
> Subject: Spark Plugs
> Date: Friday, September 12, 1997 9:42 AM
> During my stint behind the parts counter, the NGK literature gave the
> expanded surface area (created by the V notch), put out a bigger spark
> (in terms of area, if you can call it that).  Splitfire tried to copy
> the idea, but ran into NGK patent rights, and created the split tang and
> a $ 5.00 piece of junk.  My 0.02
> Has anybody thought about the ol' drag racing trick of indexing the
> plugs?
> >