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Re: 86 SVO project additional questions


>I am curious as to if you ran a catalytic or not with the three inch down

The 86 SVO did NOT have a catalytic converter on it.  The only exhaust on
the car was a 3" downpipe from Classic Corral  $129.  This pipe totally
replaces the cat section of the exhaust system.  I did have it bolted back
to the stock system for about two days before I cut my rusted out mufflers
off. Interesting note is that the end of the downtube is flared down to
accept the stock 2.5" exhaust system so there is somewhat of a restriction

>Also what tires do you run and what size?

I have a set of Mickey Thompson Sportsman Pros left over from my 5.0 days.
The tires are 26X10.50-15 which actually measure closed to 27" when on the
car.  I used wheels from a 94 Mustang 3.8L.  Carl tried the tires and did
not have any luck with his combination but I have over 400 runs on them
with my 5.0 so I know how they work.

>What are you doing to the
>exhaust, in other words what did you purchaes from A.T.R.?

The only thing purchased from ATR was the cat-back (or no cat back in my
case) system that connects to the downpipe and continues to the back of the
car.  I choose this system because of the 3" connection to the downpipe
which then splits to dual 2.5".  Having installed the exhaust on the car,
the Y is very wellmade and should  flow very well.  I realize that the
exhaust system is probably overkill for the current street system but I do
not want to reconfigure it later plus it is heavy gauge Stainless steel.

>Lastly what cam do you run?

The cam is stock to the 86 SVO as far as I know.  I did buy the car used so
there might be a chance of an aftermarket cam but I seriously doubt it.
The moter in fact has a slight rod knock at startup.  The rest of the motor
including the turbo is also completely stock.  I do run the TurboCoupe
Intercooler but I think the Jury is still out on this modification.

I hope this answered the questions.

Chris Roth @ work....shhhh don't tell my boss 
85 SVO (Bright Red)
86 SVO (Silver Metallic)