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RE: Spark Plugs

What gets me is all the people claiming better gas mileage/performance
..... well duh, you just tuned up your car for the first time in 5 years
and $ 40.00 + for plugs alone.  I am definitely in the wrong business.

On the indexing, I do remember that a lot of spark plugs are need.  This
is where the $0.89 plugs come into play!

NGK's website only gives indexing a 1% gain in horsepower .... that's
more realistic then both NGK's and Splitfires claim of 5 additional
horsepower.  I am always pessimistic when the companies start pulling
the gains in HP just by bolting things on.  

And I'm going to include K&N in there also, even though I run the
conical filter.

>From: 	ron myrick[SMTP:ronm@rizzo.com]
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>> ...I've seen a demonstration about spark travel and Splitfires and
>> just about everything else, and from what I saw, I'd agree with you.
>> the spark makes two weak sparks...
>> []  I thought two simulataneous pathways would defy hysics. Isn't
>> there just going to be on spark; it just has a choice of where it
>> wants to go? Thats why these things were stupid to begin with.