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"The shift handle is easy to get 
off, the bell housing bolts aren't easy but they aren't THAT hard, 
and pulling the driveshaft is a simple procedure." 
Hmmm, when I changed my clutch, I found pulling the driveshaft to be 
the single hardest part of the job.  Maybe I missed a trick, but getting 
the bolts off the diff was *hard*.  It seems to require a 400 ft/lb 
impact wrench, and a 12 point 10mm impact socket (or an inventory of 
2 or three Craftsman non-impact sockets to rotate through lifetime 
"I'd say have a friend around and budget a weekend for it the first time"  
that's about right -- and while you're there, change the pilot bearing, 
just because it's already apart and it's easy to do.