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Re: high torque

> Hmmm, when I changed my clutch, I found pulling the driveshaft to be 
> the single hardest part of the job.  Maybe I missed a trick, but getting 
> the bolts off the diff was *hard*.  It seems to require a 400 ft/lb 
> impact wrench, and a 12 point 10mm impact socket (or an inventory of 
> 2 or three Craftsman non-impact sockets to rotate through lifetime 
> warranty.).  

These bolts along with several others in the drivetrain are locktight'd on.
 This means you must overcome their breakaway torque.  Rarely, will an
impact wrench hit the higher torque figures needed.  However, a 3/8th in
drive ratchet and my 3 foot jack handle work fine.  You're trying to shear
the plastic/whatever that the locktite is made of.

BTW, it took my neighbor 11 days to change his clutch :)