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RE: Spark Plugs

Come on Dave, you know manufactures/pictures never lie  ;-)

>From: 	Dave Compton[SMTP:DCompton@JNPCS.COM]
>Sent: 	Friday, September 12, 1997 1:23 PM
>To: 	Mustang SVO Mailing List
>Subject: 	Re: Spark Plugs
>> everything else, and from what I saw, I'd agree with you. Splitting the
>> spark makes two weak sparks. By some it's considered a gimmick. And the
>You NEVER get 2 sparks.  It just has two possible paths.  The spark will
>take the path of least resistance.  A richer fuel mixture has a lower
>resistance.  So if you have anything other than perfect distribution, they
>*can* help.  Their ad picture with more than one spark between the
>electrodes is bullsh*t.
>BTW, for the MSD lovers, you never get multiple sparks out of them, once
>you're over a pretty low RPM, but I forget what it is.  I know it comes
>down from 10 sparks to 9 at like 300 rpm.  Sheesh