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My F#@kin SVO

  Well, I recently took my SVO to a performance shop here, hoping my SVO
performance blues would be solved.  They found the wastegate to have a hole
 in it, but it was building pressure though it would not hold it all the
time, hence a small leak - cool $25 for a used part fixed that.  At the same
time, they pulled off the whole turbo/manifold to check the turbo's condition
- ti cam out ok. But I decided, with the encouragment of the mechanic,to get
a bigger turbo.  I got that too, now it is the stock unit with the GN
compressor wheel and housing, but the housing was not "clocked" correctly to
my intercooler, so now I bend the T-bird IC hose a lot to make it fit and
have a seal,.  BTW I can't adjust the housing either, but I am going to take
the whole car to the Turbo guy and have him do it right.  There were also a
couple small things like  a couple bolts on turbo turbine housing loose and
the supplied gasket which was some fiber-metal like material - though
everything is tight now and there are no leaks whatsoever, but I wonder about
that gasket.  Mechanically everything seems to run right, but my poor
performance still exists, but the performance shop was awed by the car. A
couple reasons why is that we can't find the freakin pig-tail to pull codes -
I am not joking, we went through the whole loom looking for it.  Also, the
car has a flat spot on the upper band past 4.5krpm that either stays (falls
flat on it'face) or then picks up at the end 5.5krpm.  I just put some of
that 104 octance stuff and I am going to be brave and disconect the KS plug.
 I really want to get this car running right and without spending money
pointlessly.  Someone in LA area please help!  OKay this is already too long.
 Thanks for listening.