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Re: Clutch - Recommendations

Several of us in Southern California went with the Centerforce II pressure
plate; the stock (Motorsport/SVO) disc; Ford throwout bearing; Ford rear
main seal; Ford pilot bearing; and you might think about the trans seal as
well. Also, get two replacement clips and a new little cable from Ford
(lube the ends) -- it will pay off in the long run. Some of us carry spares
-- I've had both the clip break and the cable break at different times!

Steve Davis at Essential Turbo Systems has his own disc that he uses with
the Centerforce II, but he was out of stock when we bought our pressure
plates so that's the only reason we didn't try his disc. His claim is the
Centerforce disc is too soft (grabs good, though) so it doesn't last as long. 

The cool thing with the Centerforce II is that it has a light pedal
pressure -- which is nice. Visit www.centerforce.com -- Some guys like the
matched set Centerforce Dual Friction setup. The pressure plate (which
appears to be the same as the Centerforce II) and dual friction disc and
throwout bearing all come in a kit -- but it's quite a bit more dough, and
intended for more horsepower. Should work fine though.

In Bob King's '84 SVO, he upgraded to the '85-86-style Saleen/Hurst
short-throw shifter and the Saleen aluminum shifter bushings -- they
replace the wobbly rubber bushings and make the shifter nice and tight. The
shift lever itself in the '84 is a little different design (I believe) than
the '85-86, but it works just fine -- that's really a personal taste thing.
I did just the bushings in my '86. Very nice.

I'm not that smart -- just lazy -- I had Neil's guys at Saleen do my
clutch. But that was before they got tired of looking at my ugly SVO. A
clutch job is a little bit of a chore....I used to do my '71 2.0L Capri all
the time, but the SVO has the exhaust in the way.

If you don't want to do Centerforce, I recommend the stock replacement
Motorsport/SVO unit. Definitely do all the other goodies while you're there.

Jim Dvorak
'86 Shadow Blue
Mustang SVO...Because there's more to driving than just straight ahead!

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