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Re: Clutch

Put the car up on stands,,  drop the Drive shaft 12mm bolts on the  drive
have a extra yoke ready to insert into the back of the gearbox (T-5)  or some
type of heavy plastic baggies and some rubberbands.. ..  There are 4 15metric
bolts that hold the gearbox to the bellhousing,, remove them>>>   you will
also have to uncouple to clutch linkage, and the speedo cable going into the
side of the gearbox (11metric bolt)   you then remove, or should have already
removed the gearbox crossmember.. 14 metrics in the middle of the
crossmember, and a 15 and 13 metric to remove the outside bolts in the
crossmember...  Drop the starter, (13 metric)   then remove the transmission
(gearbox)  then you remove the bellhousing bolts, and pull the bellhousing
off....  take the pressure plate off, and remove the clutch....  Make sure
you check the pilot bearing in the back of the crankshaft..  It may need to
be replaced....  There is a puller to remove them, but Ive always chizzeled
mine out...
check your flywheel, as it may need to be resurfaced, if its not bad, then
just ruff it up with  some sandpaper...  Now do everthing in reverse, and you
have done a clutch change out.....  Pull the top plug out of the gearbox
(once its back in the SVO) and make sure the oil level is up to that hole, if
not , add some; as you will probley lose some oil during the change out.....I
would strongly suggest have a friend to help you out...this type of job
really takes 2 people to make things go smooth,,,  plus you could get hurt,
and would have noone there to help you...  have a extra jack handy too......
a change out can be done in about 3 hours, if you works consistantly......