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Re: Spark Plugs

 If I remember correctly Jacobs has the correct washers to index the  spark
plugs and highly recommends this.The one thing I do remember learning from
Master Tech Guru Mike Fleming (S.V.O.O.A. Technical Director) is to make
sure your torque the spark plugs down with a torque wrench, it has to do
with keeping the heat transfer even.
At 08:51 AM 9/12/97 -0600, Carl Morris wrote:
>Garcia, Jesus V wrote:
>> Has anybody thought about the ol' drag racing trick of indexing the
>> plugs?
>We were talking about the the other night at the strip.  None of
>us could remember where the optimum point for the rotation of the
>plug was relative to the rest of the cylinder.  Also, do they
>make tapered washers like we would need?  I thought everyone
>who indexed used flat-surface plugs...