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RE: Spark Plugs

To all on the list,
 Using an open element filter under the hood does not make sense as yes,
their is an air flow increase with hot air from under the hood.You are
better off running the stock style K&N and rotating the original air inlet
180 degrees toward the front of the car as opposed as toward the rear as it
comes from Ford.
At 12:31 PM 9/12/97 -0400, Garcia, Jesus V wrote:
>What gets me is all the people claiming better gas mileage/performance
>..... well duh, you just tuned up your car for the first time in 5 years
>and $ 40.00 + for plugs alone.  I am definitely in the wrong business.
>On the indexing, I do remember that a lot of spark plugs are need.  This
>is where the $0.89 plugs come into play!
>NGK's website only gives indexing a 1% gain in horsepower .... that's
>more realistic then both NGK's and Splitfires claim of 5 additional
>horsepower.  I am always pessimistic when the companies start pulling
>the gains in HP just by bolting things on.  
>And I'm going to include K&N in there also, even though I run the
>conical filter.
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>>> ...I've seen a demonstration about spark travel and Splitfires and
>>> just about everything else, and from what I saw, I'd agree with you.
>>> the spark makes two weak sparks...
>>> []  I thought two simulataneous pathways would defy hysics. Isn't
>>> there just going to be on spark; it just has a choice of where it
>>> wants to go? Thats why these things were stupid to begin with.