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Re: Spark Plugs

On Fri, 12 Sep 1997, Jim Dvorak wrote:

> I've seen a demonstration about spark travel and Splitfires and just about
> everything else, and from what I saw, I'd agree with you. Splitting the
> spark makes two weak sparks. By some it's considered a gimmick. And the
> Torquemasters that try to claim 2 HP per spark plug seems just a little
> hard to believe.
Lets suppose it was somehow possible to jump two gaps at once.  Even if it
did, the two sparks would be the same, cuz the ability of a spark to jump
a gap depends on voltage.  if u have a wire that breaks off and goes 2
ways(like 2 sparks originatong from the same point), the voltage will be
the same in each leg.

but thats only applicable to the one time every year that tyhe spark will
somehow jump both gaps.

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