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Re: your mail

On 12 Sep 1997, DBROWER.US.ORACLE.COM wrote:

> "The shift handle is easy to get 
> off, the bell housing bolts aren't easy but they aren't THAT hard, 
> and pulling the driveshaft is a simple procedure." 
> Hmmm, when I changed my clutch, I found pulling the driveshaft to be 
> the single hardest part of the job.  Maybe I missed a trick, but getting 
> the bolts off the diff was *hard*.  It seems to require a 400 ft/lb 
> impact wrench, and a 12 point 10mm impact socket (or an inventory of 
> 2 or three Craftsman non-impact sockets to rotate through lifetime 
> warranty.).  
Easiest way I found is to geta 12mm combo wrench(box end one side, open
end other), and like a 3/4" box end..the second wrench jus has to be
have a buddy sit inside while the car is in neutral and have him/her hit
the brake when u are loosening the bolts, then have them let up while u
spin the shaft to get to the next bolt.
Position the driveshaft so that the bolt you are trying to get is on the
bottom.  put the BOX end of the 12mm wrench on that bolt, then slip the
box end of the big wrench into the open end of the 12mm.  U can interlock
them in a way as to make a cheater bar out of the extra wrench. If you
have no idea what the hell i am talkin about, get a those two sizes and
sit there and play with them a bit.  Youll see a way to make the box end
fit and lock over the open end. 
that should give u enuff *umph* to get em loose.

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