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Re: 86 SVO project additional questions

 You could say I am into S.V.O.'s.I have owned a least two of them for over
ten years and have added several more to the collection over the years.I
can honestly say that have have yet to drive something that gives me the
same feeling I get driving one of the S.V.O.'s.Our new S351's are really
impressive but I can not afford one.With almoct 500 horsepower nothing else
even comes close.I ran a Z28 on the street one night while driving an S351
and absolutely blew him away,it was funny.I would get into serious trouble
if I owned one of these cars.The thing I like about the S.V.O. is the
balance.It is the best balanced car I have ever driven that is stock.Plus I
love underdogs and doing it with four cylinders is way cool.
 I am the Installation/Warranty Manager for Saleen.I handle the customers
that want to have Saleen  high performance parts added to their Mustangs.I
also oversee the new car warranties and work with our Warranty
Representitive in that division.
 I used to run in S.C.C.A.'s Pro Solo with my 84 and then my 85.5 S.V.O.'s
when they were classed in G-stock.The cars were very competitive.I would
doing it today if they had the cars in a competitive class.They currently
run in the F-stock class with the V-8 cars (5.0's,Z28's,4.6 Mustangs).I may
start to do some drag racing also, so I am always looking for parts that
work.Good Luck this weekend and keep  in touch.

    84 Medium Canyon Red (2)

    85.5 White

    85.5 Black

    86 Dark Shadow Blue
At 01:11 PM 9/15/97 +0000, you wrote:
>> I just love dusting those 5.0's.I have owned several previously including a
>> 1993 Cobra which I sold a
>Speaking of 1993 Cobras, I ran my 14.529@93.7 next to a 1993 Cobra.  
>He was in the staging lanes bragging how fast his car is with the 
>E303 cam he just put in it.  Will I ended up running him and he only 
>mustered a 15.1@92.  He would not talk to me the rest of the evening.
>I did not realize you were into the SVO thing so much, I own two SVOs 
>which I got rid of my 89 5.0 GT-40 equipped for my 86 SVO.  
>What is your role at Saleen?  I might have some questions for you if 
>you are the right person to talk to about some 89 Saleen wheels that 
>I have.
>> I am curious about the new
>> exhaust and what you think of the sound and quality of the cat-back system?
>Well, I have not put a cat on the system yet but I do have the ATR 
>exhaust on the car.  It is very quiet.  My 85 has a single 3" with a 
>3" flowmaster and it is much louder.  I am racing this Saturday and 
>will let the whole list know on the performance of the ATR exhaust.
>Chris Roth
>85 Bright Red SVO
>86 Silver Metallic SVO