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[SVO]Bosch Platinum and Turbochargers

Hey SVOers,

 Just got back some interesting information from Bosch on their Platinum
Spark Plugs....

 Here is there web page "http://www.aaol.com/Main/AftMktMfr/Bosch";

Here is what I got from them:

Hello Mark:

Thanks for contacting Bosch.

Confirming the engine in your mustang, my research shows it as an L4-2.3L
140cid, vin 'W'.  The correct Bosch application is 4205/HR8DPX gapped at

 "I know the VIN is incorrect and I'm awaiting a reply"

To make a blanket statement such as Platinum plugs don't work in a given
engine is simply a false statement.  Turbocharged engines have been around
for many years, both in passenger and racing cars.  I use Bosch platinums
in my Volvo 850 turbo, and had them in my 1993 Toyota Supra Twin-Turbo
rated at 320hp.

The ability to ignite a plug for combustion is dependent on the ignition
system not the spark plug.  Bosch does not simply recommend applications
based on cross-referencing.  We have facilities here in the US and in
Germany and Japan.  We obtain a sample vehicle and test various Bosch plugs
until we arrive at our published application.

I hope this helps you.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any
further questions.

Kenneth Brom
Robert Bosch Corp.

Mark S. Fullerton Email:msfullerton@cyberia.com
Electronics Engineering Technician