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Server back up...

Well the ISPs mail server died on Saturday.  I called him Sunday and they'd
been rebuilding it since then.  I had to reconfigure the mail server cuz of
changes they made to their server when they replaced it.  Since we relay
thru them, nothing worked, while they were down and until I caught up.

It looks like I finally got it all straight this afternoon.

If you have the message you sent, but never got back, send it again.  I
have the "lost" messages in a special place but it's a headache to re-route
them, so if you can, do.

[Sarcasm on] 
I got some *new* and *different* software.  
[Sarcasm off] 

I hope THIS one works....

I'll load it this week sometime and give it a try.  It looks better than
what I've tried so far.