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Fwd: ETS roller cam needs gears?

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Subj:    ETS roller cam needs gears?
Date:    97-09-15 17:48:10 EDT
To:      svo@smartworx.com

  A thought glanced by me last night - maybe part of my problem/contributor
with the car being such a pig is the big .500 ETS roller cam and the fact
that I am running the 3:73 gears and need more gear (4:10 or 4:56).  I
remember Rick Byrnes, the 200mph Merkur guy, said when they put the Lunati
.500 cam in Tom Reider T-bird it was a total pig, until they swapped the
gears for something steeper and then it moved.  What do you guys think and
what gears is everyone running?