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Re: Fwd: The Alternator saga

FFASTSVO@aol.com wrote:

>   I am now interested in getting a higher amp alt. for my SVO.  Dave, did you
> check to see if that Co. makes a 100amp version?  Though, I belive someone
> said that the 100amp version won't fit our cars.  With the Esslinger crank
> pulley, charging (besides cooling) has been a problem, so much that I think
> my fuel pump and possibly the EEC are not getting enough voltage.  Has anyone
> tried the Unorthodox pulley?   Supposedly they claim not to have charging
> problems.  i duno if I should go with the Unorthodox pulley or the bigger
> alternator because they cost about the same. Then again my alternator is a
> generic rebuild, hence less amps than an OEM SVO alternator.

I'd like to see you work on the alternator end of the problem rather than
a different pulley, because I think the alternator is the problem.  I put
my Esslinger pulley on BEFORE my alternator died, and I NEVER had problems
with cooling or charging.  Only after the removal of the stock alternator
did all my charging problems come along...