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RE: The Alternator saga

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>>Sent: 	Tuesday, September 16, 1997 9:50 PM
>>To: 	Mustang SVO Mailing List
>>Subject: 	Fwd: The Alternator saga

>>With the Esslinger crank pulley, charging (besides cooling) has been a
>>so much that I think my fuel pump and possibly the EEC are not getting
>>voltage.  Has anyone tried the Unorthodox pulley?   Supposedly they claim
>>not to 
>>have charging problems.  

What the Hell is an "Unorthodox" pulley ?  I've got the ETS pulley
sitting in a box, until I 
upgrade my wimpy alternator.  Right now the alternator runs to slowly to
keep the battery 

- Steve
'84 SVO

>>'86 SVO
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