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Re: [SVO]Bosch Platinum and Turbochargers

On Sep 16, 18:02, Mark S. Fullerton wrote:
> Subject: [SVO]Bosch Platinum and Turbochargers
> Hey SVOers,
>  Just got back some interesting information from Bosch on their Platinum
> Spark Plugs....
>  Here is there web page "http://www.aaol.com/Main/AftMktMfr/Bosch";
> Here is what I got from them:
> Hello Mark:
> Thanks for contacting Bosch.
> To make a blanket statement such as Platinum plugs don't work in a given
> engine is simply a false statement.  Turbocharged engines have been around
> for many years, both in passenger and racing cars.  I use Bosch platinums
> in my Volvo 850 turbo, and had them in my 1993 Toyota Supra Twin-Turbo
> rated at 320hp.

Not to mention that there have been turbocharged aircraft engines around for
quite some time. If my spark plug history is correct, Platinum plugs were
originally developed to improve longevity and reliability in aircraft engines,
perhaps during WWII.

Gary Morrell