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Re: Fwd: ETS roller cam needs gears?

On Tue, 16 Sep 1997 FFASTSVO@aol.com wrote:

>   A thought glanced by me last night - maybe part of my problem/contributor
> with the car being such a pig is the big .500 ETS roller cam and the fact
> that I am running the 3:73 gears and need more gear (4:10 or 4:56). 

It may help you, but not for the reason you wanna hear.  Your engine
prolly is down on power, but its cuz the cam is jus too friggin big.
A gear may help your underpowered engine get outta the hole, but its akin
to putting a 4.10 in a NA 2.3 if you get my drift.
To use that cam, you pretty much need a seriously worked head and a
stroker.   Notice that the cams for the built 2.9 stokers aren't that
Also, FWIW, I slowed down when I went to lower gears in the pinto.  On
radials, I was getting 2.0 sec 60 foots with 185-80-13 tires, and an open
I put a 3.50 gear, and a spool in, and it slowed my car down 2 tenths.  I
got that time back when I went to a LOT bigger tire(235-75-15).
I lost time partly cause it was easier to break the tires loose.  But
another big thing was that 1st gear got soo short its a nuisance.  I need
it, but boy its a waste of time. 

> remember Rick Byrnes, the 200mph Merkur guy, said when they put the Lunati
> .500 cam in Tom Reider T-bird it was a total pig, until they swapped the
> gears for something steeper and then it moved.  What do you guys think and
> what gears is everyone running?
Im sure Reider didn't have a stock motor with that cam in it.
Why dont you go to the track sometimes and atleast get an IDEA of what
your car runs?  Its hard to tell what you need, what work, and what
doesn't work if you have no clue what you run or go by "seat of the pants"
feel.  Theres no excuse especially if you live in an area where the track
is within and hour or two, and is open all year.

> -Eric

->71 Pinto stonestock 2.3 EFI Turbo T5, 13.67@99 on generic radials
->86 Escort..12.06@57 1/8th mile:) ..but gets me where I gotta
go..sometimes<----turbo soon to come.Stay tuned for details