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SVO PWR ( the plate on my SVO )

Chris,thanks for the info! It is nice to know there are other SVO fanatics
out there! My SVO is stock exept for the exhaust.The car has 112,000 on it
and still is original except for regular things ( HOSES,PLUGS-WIRES,ETC.) I
am here to tell you Mobil 1synthetic 20W50 works well with turbos! I am
FORD BLUE and true!!! I call my SVO "THE LITTLE FIGHTER" because its two
brothers kind of back it up when the going gets tough.The first is a 71
TORINO with a BOSS 351 backed up by a 4spd toploader,3.50 tractionlock
rearend.the other is being restored right now and it is a 70 TORINO GT
429SCJ 4spd 3.91 detroit locker rearend! It is going to be grabber green,I
dont know if you are familar with old FORD muscle but its cool too.Back to
the SVO,I do entend on restoring it one day but it is to much fun! I have
driven Shelbys,BOSS 302,351 rode in a 429 even MACH 1s "351c -428CJ- SCJ
and none can compair to that little 2.3 turbo for the Rs ! The SVO out
handles them flate OUT PERIOD! I love that car and I drive,play,smile hard
when I drive IT!!! by the way my name is BOB and Ilive in GREAT FALLS
MONTANA lets keep In touch!!