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Re: SVO List

Chris Roth wrote:

> Did you know there is SVO mailing list?  Several hundred people belong
> to
> it and it is a wealth of information.  I have sure learned alot from
> the
> list as well as met some other SVO owners in my area.  For information
> on
> how to join the mailing list, visit the web site below:
> http://www.smartworx.com/ListServer/
> So what have you done in modifications to your car?  I have 2 SVOs, a
> Bright Red 85 and a Silver Metallic 86.  I bought the 86 in June bone
> stock
> with 80k miles on it.  It ran a 15.8@85mph in the quarter up here in
> Colorado at 5800ft. Since I bought it I have added the following
> items:
> TurboCoupe Intercooler, K&N cone filter directly to the meter, raised
> the
> boost to 17psi, 3" downpipe with no cat, and ATR 2.5" exhaust and have
> run
> a best 14.53@93.7mph.  The car is a blast to drive as well as getting
> close
> to 30mpg on the highway.  I hope you join the list!
> Chris Roth @ work....shhhh don't tell my boss
> caroth@holly.colostate.edu
> 85 SVO (Bright Red)
> 86 SVO (Silver Metallic)

I have an 86 SVO, white with cloth interior, loaded. It now has over
104K miles.  I bought it new in November '85. It has been in storage for
about 2 years now, and I am starting the rebuilding now.  Doing quite a
bit of modications:2nd stage Turbo, P&P heads, new chip, Crane ignition
system, high performance cams, lightweight pistons, heavy duty crank
shaft, 3" down pipe,  3" exhaust system,  K&N Mass air conversion kit,
redoing the intercooler to be up front with the radiator (looks pretty
trick, and they said the cooling system will work way better), and a
whole bunch of other things that they guarantee my car will have about
350 hp at the engine, at least 295 hp on the ground, 1/4 mile in low 13
secs - high 12sec.  All this and street legal too.  I haven't got it
back yet, but I'll be sure to fill you in when its done.

My next steps of this redo will be on the suspension and body kit. Know
of any body kit dealers?  Let me know if you do.