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Re: Poor guy

> Dave, just my opinion, but if Tim Smith is a poor guy then I should be on
> welfare. I dont buy it with all these cars he is buying and now traveling
> having that 86 sent from oregon. 

> I have news for him, in this day
> of the internet and some people getting burned, he Is missing on a lot of
> business by demanding money up front, most people wont do it.

Somebody sent me this. I sent this reply to the list, cuz I don't think
people try to see the other person's point of view.

How he does what he does, is his business, so I won't judge him.

I have ALWAYS asked for payment first.  However I DO do COD.  But you can
get f*cked that way.
It's easier to prove you sent money to somebody, than to prove you sent
somebody a part. 

I just shipped a computer to Denver, and I'm nervously waiting on the
check.  BTW, it cost OVER $100 to ship it.  If the guy was just pulling my
chain, I would have to eat shipping BOTH ways.  Now figure that out on a
big car part.  Could get expensive fast.

Tim has no job, right now.  Making money on parts is all he has.  And he
LOTS of buyers, we are really only a small part of his customers at the

And not to sound like an asshole, but he has plenty of buyers for every
part, so missing out on one sale, he prolly doesn't even care.  That
doesn't make him an ogre, but that's just the way it is.

He gets HUNDREDS of emails a day about parts.  And they're selling to

Hey, it ain't drugs.