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Re: poor tim

Tim Smith wrote:
> Dave you are correct on every point.
> I`m considering doing c.o.d.`s only with
> people I know personally or have bought
> from me at least twice... But to noone who
> badmouths me for my (fair) policies.
> My rep. speaks for itself.

And that works out OK, since there are plenty of people
around who have bought from you.  I don't think it's
realistic for a person who's selling something to
expect payment up front if no one knows them, though.
IMO, sending someone you don't know a check for stuff
you haven't seen yet is just asking to be screwed.
Sure, you can prove you sent them money, but you can't
prove they never sent you the merchandise.  I'm afraid
that COD is the best thing available, warts and all,
for two people who don't know each other from Adam...