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Re: poor tim

> I'm afraid
> that COD is the best thing available, warts and all,
> for two people who don't know each other from Adam...

I agree with what you said, however, Tim's continued presence here should
lend a little confidence in his stability to those who might have
questions. So, don't run away Tim. And answer all your email!

When I first started out with the cam deal, I just told people, "Hey, here
I am.  You know where I'm at, and where to find me.  I'm not going
anywhere."  Worked for me.

Hell, I've been on the Merkur list for a year.  I've got 2 mail accounts, a
web page, and most people either know, or could find easily my home
address, and phone number.

OTOH, I bought a panhard bar from a guy I met in a chat room.  I picked COD
and that was acceptable.  So for unknown people, COD *is* the way.

BTW, I've bought AND sold, thousands of dollars worth of stuff to people
I've only met on the internet. For a packrat/junk collector like me, this
is the biggest benefit to me, of the internet.

Ok, I've blathered on about nothing for long enough....