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Re: ETS roller cam needs gears?

This is dead on correct.  My car doesn't pull hard until 2nd gear, with the
4.11s.  It gets full boost, but isn't really jammin' until the later gears.
 I have the early turbo though.

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On 9/17/97, at 8:58 AM, Mp23cc@aol.com wrote: 

>With a turbo car you can sometimes cause the spool up to come in slower if
>you run big gears on a motor that is mostly stock. The gears will rev the
>motor to fast and not load the motor, so the turbo spools slower. Just
>if you redline the lower gears on a stick car. You can build more boost at
>lower rpm in 3th and 4th gear then 1st and 2nd.