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Trade in value/two account instructions

This is from Mike Ray, who is having a problem several of you are.  He has
two accounts, and wants to post from all of them, but doens't want to
recieve Mailing list traffic in both, only one.

The solution is to sub both accounts and set the work account to no mail.

so send;

in the message body to listserver@smartworx.com
from the work account.

>A while back people were asking about valve of of cars. Maybe this will
>help. Here's the rip on my 100K `84.
>Blue Book=20
>Trade-in Report
>Virginia, September 16, 1997 <Picture>
>1984 Ford Mustang SVO Turbo Sed 3D
>4-Cyl. 2.3L Turbo=20
>5 Speed Manual=20
>100000 miles
>Air Conditioning=20
>Power Steering=20
>Power Windows=20
>Power Door Locks=20
>Tilt Wheel=20
>AM/FM Stereo=20
>Flip-Up Sun Roof=20
>Alloy Wheels=20
>Consumer Rated Condition: =A0 Good
>Good=A0A "good" vehicle rating means that the vehicle is free of any =
>defects. The paint, body and interior have only minor (if any)
>blemishes, and there are no major mechanical problems. In states where
>rust is a problem, this should be very minimal, and a deduction should
>be made to correct it. The tires have substantial tread wear left. A
>clean title history is assumed. A "good" vehicle may need some
>reconditioning to be sold at retail, however major reconditioning =
>be deducted from the value. Many cars owned by consumers fall into this
>category. =A0=20
>TRADE-IN VALUE (Good)$2950
>TRADE-IN VALUE (Good)$2950