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Re: Street Legal Drags

Chris Roth wrote:

> Is your wife going to come to the event? My wife is coming with me.

I think so...

> >I'm definitely planning on it unless it's really raining.  Supposedly
> >my Laramie friends are "really for sure" gonna make it this time ;-).
> Wow, Larimie is a long drive for this event.

They just want to run their cars for time, and they're having a hard
time getting down here on a Wednesday.  Don't be shocked if they wuss
out now, too, though...

> >You wanna drop by my house on the way?
> I have to make a stop at my computer vendor before I get to the track. I am
> meeting my parents at the little park and ride deal right there at the base
> of Bandimere at 10:00am.  Actually it is where you trun from Morrison road
> and head north to Bandimere.  There is also a highway trailor there for
> reference.  Apparently Gary Morrell is coming up from Coloraod Springs but
> I have not heard from any other SVO owners yet.

Uhhh...I'll take that as a no ;-).  We probably won't be organized enough
to follow a schedule ;-).  Later...