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[Fwd: Re: Its Wednesday!!]

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Its Wednesday and I'm ready to go! Are you? There are a few old motorcycle
friends of mine going to Banimere tonight, so am I. I found a valve at
Walmart designed for an aquarium (Its got a mounting bracket and it has one
way in and two ways out, maybe I'll hook up a vaccum gauge to it to see what
I can see) Its brass plated and has a rubber needle (good or bad?) the only
problem is that the barbs are smaller than the hose so I'll have to put a
smaller hose over the barb first then clamp it on to make sure it doesn't
leak. Well see ya there (If your going).

Rich Stark

P.S. I can't seem to find Chris Roths address so could you forward this to
him or mail me his address. Thanks! 

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