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Re: Power pulleys

Hey guys!
Heres my 0.02.
A few years back I was roadracing motorcycles, without making this too long,
the class I raced in was very restricted. Stock except exhaust, jets, brake
pads, anyway my mechanic and I desided to find out how much drag the alt. put
on the engine so we removed the alternator, hooked up a drill to it and spun
it up and then put a load on it. POW it spun out of my hand, the point being
it didn't put a drag on the engine until it has a load, SO we installed a
toggle switch in the wire going from the alt. to the battery so during the
race I would flip the switch off and no more parasitic loss. So instead of
risking your battery with different pulleys, have a switch mounted on your
dash to momentarally cut out the alt. then after you blow off that V-8 switch
it back and there isn't any charging problems. I would suggest using a
solenoid. I plan to try this out, I'll keep you informed. I am also thinking
of using a Moroso motor kit to drive the waterpump to eliminate that loss.

By the way, I won that class overall and never got caught.

Rich Stark