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Re: Parts

RaceSVO@aol.com wrote:

> I am not sure what Tim is selling the parts for,
> but I know they are more then they would have been if any of you could have
> bought parts direct from the wrecking yard.

I'm sure that's true.

> Now you have to pay what Tim
> paid, plus shipping to his place, plus shipping to you from Tim, plus the
> profit Tim wants to make.  So now we get to pay a hire price for the exact
> part from the middle man.

That's true too...

> I am not degrading Tim or what he does, I just wanted to tell folks that I
> was hoping they could have got the parts they needed without having to pay
> the middle man prices.  As these cars are getting harder to find, the middle
> man will make more from all of US.......

I love finding a killer deal from some guy that just wants to get the
darn thing out of his garage, but I don't begrudge the middle man his
due, either.  If I bend a wheel tomorrow, I don't have time to go to
swap meets for 3 months looking for a killer deal, I need another wheel
to ship TOMORROW.  That means I need guys like Tim, or else I get to
pay the dealer $300+ for a new one, and that always sucks.  Tim may
have gotten the Oregon car, but there are plenty more out there if
you want to hunt for them the same way he does.  If you don't, then
you weren't going to be finding any good deals anyway, so why begrudge
him the money he makes?  At least he'll be there for you when you
really need a part, and don't want to get shafted by the dealer...

Of course that brings us back to the controversy of "How do I get Tim
to ship it tomorrow when he wants the money up front?". ;-)