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poor tim

The truth of the matter is I`m out there beating
the bushes for svo parts & sell em to you good folks so that #1 so I can
eat, #2 so I can keep
my svo from being re-po`d, #3 so that svo`s
won`t get crushed! as is the case more than not! #4 because the treasure
hunt is fun too!

I turned in my 401 k (a few thousand dollars)
because I saw a great need for svo parts,
and an opportunity to make more money
than I could get if the money sat in the bank.

I`m not twisting anyones arm to buy these
parts from me. I think these prices are fair
compared to what I`ve seen. If you think
I`m outta line we can discuss it... there are
good deals to be had from me, but your 
right most of the stuff CAN be had cheaper
from someone clearing out their garage.

but to go online to bash me just because 
I try to make a buck is not cool. 

Cut me a little slack. I don`t have a job & 
unemployment doesn`t go far, esp. when
you have an svo to support...

I hope you can appreciate my situation...
now let`s get back constructive conversation.

My last e-mail on this subject so have at it.
                            "Philly"    Tim