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Turbo Ranger For Sale

Sorry to waste band width, but it at least has a turbo! 
I hate to sell it, but go it must:
It started life as a 1986 Ranger short bed 2.0 litre *special*. It now 
features a 1988 Turbo Coupe engine and trans. This little 2.3 EFI 
Turbo/Intercooled engine and T-5 Trans looks and runs great. Everything is 
stock, except a K&N filter and adjustable-boost knob under dash. The T/C 
scoops fit nicely into the Ranger hood and feed cool air into the intercooler. 
The truck is slightly lowered, has SVO wheels with new P245-50HR16 tires and 
is painted 1993 Cobra *Performance Red*. It has 2 1/2" exhaust out the back 
with an '85 SVO style chrome tip. The interior is now fully equipped with T/C 
grey bucket seats, 89 Ranger style door panels, full headliner with overhead 
console (clock and maplight), custom *Ranger SVO* floor mats, and the 
instrument cluster from the 'bird grafted into the Ranger dash (ie: tach, 85+ 
speedo, full gauges incl. boost ), AM/FM/CD Radio.
I put over 200 hours into this truck and it looks like Ford built it ( Dave 
has seen it and could vouch for the quality). It ran a 14.4 in the 1/4 mi. 
(with slicks) on pump gas with 18psi of boost, but delivers 20+ mpg daily!  
It can be seen on AOL in *readers rides*, under trucks, or I can email you 
some pics. I hate to let her go, but It's time to unload something. 
It was offered at $7900 last summer, but I dropped it down to $6300 to move it 
out before winter. It will be in the next issue of Ford Trader, but I would 
rather see it go to a good home .
email me directly for details.