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Re: poor tim

On Wed, 17 Sep 1997, Dave Compton wrote:

> > I'm afraid
> > that COD is the best thing available, warts and all,
> > for two people who don't know each other from Adam...
> I agree with what you said, however, Tim's continued presence here should
> lend a little confidence in his stability to those who might have
> questions. So, don't run away Tim. And answer all your email!
> BTW, I've bought AND sold, thousands of dollars worth of stuff to people
> I've only met on the internet. For a packrat/junk collector like me, this
> is the biggest benefit to me, of the internet.

I didnt think the original poster or what started this bit was doubting
whether or not Tim would screw them by not sending the part(s).  I think
what the thread started as was Tim seeming to try to make an empire on the
sale of the SVO stuff, frankly by hoarding it.  Hell, someone posted on
the Oregon SVO, as a way to say "if u need a part, its there", but we have
good folks like Tim that will see that and buy up the whole thing and sell
us parts from it for more than the yard would have.
Stuff like that goes full circle.  Dave C sells stuff here, mostly new it
seems, and he has real competitive prices.  Only reason I haven't jumped
on the cam deal was a friend of mine that lives here is giving me a TCS 65
cam he got with his car for helping him all the time.  Daves prices are
actually really good.
But Tim wants to make a fortune off the stuff.  300 bux a fair price for
an EEC? Bite me.  You justify it by saying its rare, I and prolly alot of
other people see it as jus another "individual" that buys up hard to find
parts, and sells them at a hell of a markup. 
O yeah, the thing went for 180-190 dollars new when it was still
 Reminds me of those rich
people who buy the cool collector cars(like SVOs) jus to have them sit in
their garage unseen for the next 20 years then try to sell it for the
value of a small house.
But I do(and am not afriad to admit it) that I share alot of the same
feelings as the person that sent Dave the message.  A few weeks after the
tire "deal", every time I saw a post from Tim the same thing went thru my
mind.."Whats this guy trying to sell?", alot of the time followed by
"Cool, I could use that", then immiediatly and every time followed by
"What, is this guy on crack?"
I think of this list as kinda a club.  A group of people that hang out
together in the same place(email) sharing a common interest in something,
and here to help one another.  We get along with some better than others,
but for the most part we help one another when we can, and share some
fraternal interest in something.  With that, its kinda cool to see that I
am not alone(well, 1 other person shares the feelings, in addition to alot
of ppl I jus talk to in real life) in feeling somewhat peeved or
something, when someone that is supposed to be in this "group" and all,
looks to us to support him in his practice of hoarding parts and selling
them for the highest penny possible.  Its a shame that he wouldn't sell
parts to us, the people that would help him diagnose probs and stuff, any
cheaper than to the person that would answer his ad in a paper or net
classified.  Kinda like sayin "thanks for the info, now pay up, biach!"
Remember when Dave was talkin about putting the Merkur EEC in his small
injecotr SVO? He was tryin to get it to work with the big vane.  For
whatever tech reason, I was thinkin it was worth a shot to try a set of
the 36lb injectors.  I offered to GIVE him a complete set. I offered to
send someone else on the list a set.  I gave a set to someone on the list.
I was gonna give some to Dave not cuz he is the list manager, not cuz I am
tryin to get something out of him, but jus cuz I consider him to be a cool
guy that doesn't hose people over.  What would Philly Tim try to sell a
set of injectors for?  Hell if I didn't even know the person I doubt I
would ask for more then 20-30 dollars for a set.  I don't remember
exactly how much for, but I sold Carl a late model intake with the
injecotrs and rail for like 50 bux like a year ago.  If I was to do it now
I would prolly do if for less, cuz I now have a bazillion of those intakes
lying around. If you were local I would get rid of the damn things for
like 20 bux a whack. Boxing them up and goin to the shipper is a pain in
the ass for me that i hate.

anyways...I went on for TOOO long.

I realize people need to earn a living.  But, I'm not
gonna support someone that thinks he will make a living selling Bic Pens
for 5 dollars each.  

<nomex suit on>

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