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Re: poor tim

On Wed, 17 Sep 1997, Tim Smith wrote:

> The truth of the matter is I`m out there beating
> the bushes for svo parts & sell em to you good folks so that #1 so I can
> eat, #2 so I can keep
> my svo from being re-po`d, #3 so that svo`s
> won`t get crushed! as is the case more than not! #4 because the treasure
> hunt is fun too!
More like, its kinda fun to get deal hunting parts(I do it), and be able
to mark it up enuff so that I don't have to get a real job, and then be
able to pass it off as "keeping SVo's from getting crushed so I can get
you the parts you need"

> I turned in my 401 k (a few thousand dollars)
> because I saw a great need for svo parts,
> and an opportunity to make more money
> than I could get if the money sat in the bank.
> but to go online to bash me just because 
> I try to make a buck is not cool. 
> Cut me a little slack. I don`t have a job & 
> unemployment doesn`t go far, esp. when
> you have an svo to support...

ummm, like i said, if you need to make money, get a job.  Dont use the
fact of not having a job to justify price. Thats total bullshit.  Hmm,
lets see, I'm unemployed. Wanna buy some stock shorty headers for 150 bux?
Comeon, I have a racing habit an I need to eat to.

> I hope you can appreciate my situation...

I can.  I am a student, and only get to make haflway decenbt money a few
months a year, cuz I can't geta job that pays worth the shit and go to
school, cuz the decent jobs are at the same time of day as school.  But u
know what? I make it by.  I stretch my dollar.  Why do you think my pinto
has stock stuff and has been running the same time for over a year? Why do
you tghink I DONT have an SVO?  Cuz I try to live in my means.
Furthermore, my father took a package when his company was downsizing a
few years ago, and started a business that ironically was a monopoly in
our area for a long time, then as we opened like 5 other shops did. With a
population of the town being small, and the business being CV Joints, ther
is way too much supply for demend, which leaves us with a businees that at
best keeps itself goin, but doesn't make a profit thats for sure.  So my
parents are strapped.  But they aren't using it as an excuse to sell stuff
to "friends" for more than what they could go and buy it anywhere else, as
a way to support a certain lifestyle.  They are cutting back, and my dad
is guess what, looking for a job.  So don't think I am on of those ppl
that sits there with a silver spoon in my mouth with a job that was
aquired thru the good ole boy network pickin on you. I am someone that is
more or less in the same financail situation, telling you to find another
excuse. Lack of income is no justification for jacking prices.

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