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Re: [M] Group Fuel Pump Purchase

At 09:44 AM 9/17/97 -0400, Dave Compton wrote:


>SVO owners remove the external pump and install the uprated intank pump as
>the only fuel pump.

To do the (inexpensive) in-tank only update on the '84 (and I think early
'85) SVOs with the (very expensive) dual-pump system you also need to
change-out the full in-tank pump bracket assembly. 

Once you have the new in-tank bracket assembly installed, then you need to
play with the lines a little to bypass the existing external pump. This is
where your creativity comes into play.

On the '85.5 and '86 you can just change the readily-available pump and use
the existing in-tank bracketry.

I have a virtually new full in-tank assembly and 155LPH pump for sale.
Ideal for early SVO (and probably Turbo Coupe) owners. These are nearly
$400 bucks from Ford. Make me a reasonable offer.

Jim Dvorak
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